Studio Bass Guitar Tracks for $20

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Joshua Moore

Studio Bass Guitar Tracks for $20

Let's track some bass!

I will write and record a high-quality bass track on any song you'd like. I will also EQ/Mix the bass track in ProTools if desired.

I am a Studio Bassist with 15 years of experience recording. I have spent a combined 10 years touring with notable acts such as the award-winning Georgia Country Band of the Year Five Speed and the Atlanta based alternative rock band Trombley Bay.

I play on a Fender American Elite Jazz Bass with Noiseless pick-ups that can be used actively, for a more rocking sound, or passively for a warmer sound. I record directly out of an Ampeg-SVT pro, solid-state bass amp and will also mic the Ameg Classic Cab with a Shure SM7B. This combination of a clean pure tone amp and a versatile bass guitar creates a solid foundation upon which unlimited bass sounds can be genuinely crafted or recreated. All of this is done through a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd generation into Protools (DAW).

My Background:
At age 11 I began classical training in the orchestra and have been playing live and recording bass guitar since. I can play almost any style of bass on your track, however, I specialize in fingerstyle. I am from Atlanta, Ga so grew up listening to rock music and great hip-hop like Outkast. My love for bass spans all genres so I am willing to and capable of working with artists from almost any genre.

Overall your satisfaction with the final bass track is my number one priority therefore both price and revisions are negotiable.

Consider letting me record your next bass track!

  • Country
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Funk
  • Pop
  • R&B

Bass Compilation

A compilation of several tracks I have recorded on in the past.
  • Bass Compilation
  • Irish Coffee

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