professional music video promotion for $100

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professional music video promotion for $100

How do I know this service is real and professional?

We experimented the method with my own music videos. Check the data yourself to verify, always verify the information: this is how you can avoid scams. You can check my data at "Gabrielle DeRosa" YouTube channel. You can verify I am the real Gabrielle DeRosa because I have a Google verified knowledge panel with my website linked, and from my website/services/professional services page, you can click this service.

What numbers will I get?

Based on my own music videos data, since we are using the same method, I can guarantee that with this price you will will always get around 1200-1300 views and 10-30 subscribers as a minimum: then we will see what the algorithm does (read more below). It's all organic, no fake bots, with YouTube Ads + our network of music enthusiasts, in about 4 days. The marketing team added the network shares to solve the low engagement problem you get with YouTube Ads.


1. Your video could get promoted by the YouTube algorithm through suggested videos: my video for my song "Who Am I?" got 4000+ views instead of about 1300 because of it.
2. If it doesn't happen, since the promotion is real (you can check sources of views in Analytics) it slowly continues to grow over time (check my video "Stargazing"), a few new views per month, always more as your channel grows.
3. I highly suggest you to build a wider campaign with multiple videos and order this service again every time (frequency is key).

Why choosing me?

I am Gabrielle DeRosa, a professional independent singer-songwriter from Gallipoli, Italy, my P.R.O. is SIAE since 2012 (I was about 13-14 years old), working digitally since 2017, music distributor: CD Baby. I started working full time as a singer-songwriter as soon as I got my Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science and Technology here in Italy, I formed my team of trusted collaborators and partners and I started to create my own promotions for my own songs and also the services we provide for others. Everything I offer is professional and it comes from real work and experience, not only mine but also from my team of trusted collaborators. I was able to work full time with them when I had zero income thanks to our deals, so I can offer our services to you now at fair prices.

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