Orchestra Contracting for $500

In Consultations By Brian Cassier

Orchestra Contracting for $500

Orchestra and Band Contracting:
For anyone not familiar with this kind of service, I am a music coordinator for recordings, TV, film and video in New York and Hollywood. I put together musicians, engineers, arrangers, orchestrators, conductors and studios to complete a project from start to finish. I have done this for ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, Amazon, Netflix, MGM, Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, SONY, and many more...
This can be done union, non-union in the US or overseas. My contacts are all over the world depending on what your project may need.

  • Broadway
  • Swing
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Musical theatre

La Chanson des Vieux

strings, winds, rhythm (no voice)
  • La Chanson des Vieux

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