Pro Mixer. Pro studio. Streaming it live to you. for $150

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Pro Mixer. Pro studio. Streaming it live to you. for $150

Welcome to Mixosmosis - my sonic dojo.

I'm a 20 year professional, mixing all genres of music. I mix everyday for a living in my purpose built hybrid digital-analog mix room using the latest digital interfaced with vintage and modern analog classics with custom 16x2 analog summing.

I also offer a free streaming service for reviewing your mixes: high quality audio of your mix streamed directly from from my mix buss to your studio or sofa so we can do revisions LIVE together while you listen to the changes as they happen. My client interaction is part of the experience of working with me.

My goal is to bring your song to life and make it sound the best it can be. Any genre, I'm passionate about all music. Communication is vital, so a detailed brief and/or conversation is essential before we begin.

Your satisfaction with my work is paramount to myself and my studio's reputation. My goal is to mix your song and blow you away the first listen, and if you want to make any changes, then I do it with enthusiasm, and we keep going until you say "Print!" If I can not meet your expectations through collaboration or within the agreed time frame for the services detailed I will happily refund your cash, 100% guaranteed.

Please also check out my mastering services listed in Airgigs.

You can hear a small sample of my work here, or my website also has a good collection for a more in-depth taster!

The listing says 7 days, however please get in touch so I can confirm studio time before committing. That said - once I schedule studio time, it's locked in!

I very much look forward to hearing from you! Nate.

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