Mixing and mastering for $300

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By MrProducer

Mixing and mastering for $300

Send me your files as bounced WAV-files and I´ll mix your recording. I use Logic X along with Waves, Soundtoys et.c.
If you want to I can master your mix as well.

16 Reviews

  1. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 27, 2018


  2. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 19, 2018

    Very good job :)

  3. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 15, 2018

    Very good job, as usual :)

  4. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 13, 2018

    Good job :)
    As usual :)

  5. Review By: willdelossantos Aug 10, 2018

    Absolutely amazing - saved my debut EP

  6. Review By: zazen0872 Jul 12, 2018

    Awesome expérience :)

  7. Review By: zazen0872 Jun 28, 2018

    Very good :)
    Pontus feels the good vibe :)

  8. Review By: zazen0872 Jun 28, 2018

    Very good job, fast and easy :)

  9. Review By: zazen0872 Jun 26, 2018

    Very good job!
    Precious little diamond!
    Thanks Pontus!

  10. Review By: zazen0872 Jun 25, 2018

    Just amazing... as usual!

  11. Review By: zazen0872 Jun 21, 2018

    Pontus is really fantastic :)

  12. Review By: EffEss Jun 14, 2018

    Really! !

    Having worked on a whole album of complicated choir recordings,
    Pontus/Mr.Producer did a stellar job throughout;
    efficient with attention to detail, always with great musicality,
    on the highest level.

    Many thank yous and look forward to work with you again!

  13. Review By: zazen0872 Jun 12, 2018

    Awesome :)

  14. Review By: zazen0872 Jun 4, 2018

    Really awesome. Pontus is a genius!

  15. Review By: zazen0872 May 31, 2018

    Very good job!

  16. Review By: zazen0872 May 17, 2018

    easy and fast
    Pontus is the best

  17. Review By: zazen0872 May 17, 2018

    Very good job

  18. Review By: zazen0872 May 11, 2018

    A big thank you to Pontus!
    Good vibe :)

  19. Review By: zazen0872 May 10, 2018

    very good job, as usually :)

  20. Review By: zazen0872 Apr 29, 2018

    It's great to work with Pontus!

  21. Review By: Anthropocene Mar 22, 2018

    Really works hard until everything is perfect. Will order again.

  22. Review By: scobriggs Mar 3, 2018

    Fantastic mix from a great producer!

  23. Review By: scobriggs Feb 10, 2018

    Sounds amazing, another great job!

  24. Review By: scobriggs Feb 4, 2018

    Another awesome job from Mr. Producer, absolutely the best!

  25. Review By: scobriggs Feb 1, 2018

    An awesome job as always!

  26. Review By: scobriggs Jan 21, 2018

    A great master of production!

  27. Review By: scobriggs Jan 20, 2018

    An amazing job from an amazing producer!

  28. Review By: scobriggs Jan 1, 2018

    Another fantastic job, I can always depend on Mr Producer to do a great job!

  29. Review By: scobriggs Dec 29, 2017

    Another amazing job, the vocal track was perfect!

  30. Review By: scobriggs Dec 3, 2017

    Fantastic job sounds perfect!

  31. Review By: ZiaMay Aug 31, 2017

    Fast, easy and great work.

  32. Review By: EffEss Jul 13, 2017

    Just great work (and overall experience, workflow, communication and guy !

    Hips don´t lie, and neither do the reviews on this page regarding Pontus´s work -
    "Melodyne wizard" he is indeed & I would absolutely recommend him and
    will surely work with him again myself. Top stuff!

  33. Review By: kyriakch Jul 7, 2017

    Perfect! This Guy is a Pro. Delivered within the day. Great pitch editing! Highly recommended !!

  34. Review By: benpryer Jun 7, 2017

    THE BEST Vocal tuning around. Really kind guy with so much to offer to your song, If you want a hit, speak to Mr.Producer!!

  35. Review By: KellyO Jun 4, 2017

    Pontus is patient and professional in the way that he interacts with clients. An all-around nice guy!

  36. Review By: cartermnyc May 20, 2017

    really pleased with work, communication, and turnaround. will absolutely hire again.


  37. Review By: benpryer May 17, 2017

    The only words I can think of saying are, Completely blown away. You are THE BEST audio editor around, period!

  38. Review By: ratishsekhar Jan 21, 2017

    My goto engineer when it comes to anything to do with sound. I gave Pontus a mono recording of a live show and he turned it into a masterpiece. Thank you Pontus. :)

  39. Review By: ratishsekhar Oct 19, 2016

    Pontus helped me mix/Master 2 songs for me and he seemed to intuitively know where the sound and vibe was headed and delivered deep mixes full of character. Could not be easier to communicate with, really patient with several iterations, puts in time and effort and an amazing person to deal with:-) Thank you Pontus.

  40. Review By: ratishsekhar Oct 18, 2016

    Pontus never fail to amaze. Thank you for being patient with me and listening and helping me rectify fine details.
    Youre the best Pontus... :-)

  41. Review By: Dutchcat Oct 1, 2016

    Great job! Very fast delivery. Sounds real good. Will come back for more if I need to fix timing issues.

  42. Review By: zazen0872 Sep 26, 2016

    Very responsive and professional. Good vibes...
    I love working with this guy

  43. Review By: zazen0872 Sep 12, 2016

    I love working with this guy because it goes in the same direction as me.
    Good work, good ideas, good vibes!

  44. Review By: synthessis Sep 5, 2016

    I've only worked with him once and I am very satisfied with the result. Very responsive and professional, experienced with excellent communication skills and seems to be a very nice guy.

  45. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 23, 2016

    Good good good
    highly recommended!

  46. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 14, 2016

    Very good job.
    Good vibes

  47. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 11, 2016

    Great :-)
    This guy is awesome :)

  48. Review By: zazen0872 Aug 6, 2016

    Easy and fast.
    Good job

  49. Review By: ratishsekhar Aug 1, 2016

    Pontus is such an amazing professional. Very receptive to feedback and works with you till the final product is to your mark...
    Thank you Pontus...

  50. Review By: zazen0872 Jul 29, 2016

    Very fast
    Like to work with Pontus

  51. Review By: zazen0872 Jul 27, 2016

    This guy is a sorcerer. Very good job :)

  52. Review By: zazen0872 Jul 26, 2016

    Good job! Pontus understand what you need.
    Thumb up!

  53. Review By: jgwire Jul 24, 2016

    Excellant work and great turnaround time to time and pocket acoustic guitar tracks .. I highly recommend this guy and will be using him again.

  54. Review By: zazen0872 Jul 17, 2016

    Very good job!
    Very easy and very fast

  55. Review By: tinatao Jun 22, 2016

    we very love it, so great!
    thanks a lot!

  56. Review By: ratishsekhar May 23, 2016

    Without any doubt, Pontus is THE best mixing engineer I've had the opportunity to collaborate. My track had many out of time sync issues and Pontus helped mitigate it once and for all and in just one revision. Thank you Pontus.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  57. Review By: Rymsha Apr 30, 2016

    Again, great stuff from Pontus.

  58. Review By: Rymsha Apr 30, 2016

    Quick delivery and very helpful in making all the necessary edits on my vocal tracks.

  59. Review By: hide Mar 28, 2016

    Thank you~!! good job!~

  60. Review By: KellyC Mar 9, 2016

    Under 24 hour delivery. Polished sound. Pro work at remarkable prices. Instead of spending days trying to "fix" vocals the hard/imperfect way, Pontus will have them back to you in a flash ready for final mix.
    Perfect Pontus!
    Highly recommend

  61. Review By: KellyC Mar 9, 2016

    Quick. Professional. Great communication. Solid work.
    Highly recommend to give your vocals that "polished" radio sound.
    Did I mention fast----under 24 hours.
    Pontus is a pro, hire him and make your life, and mixes, complete:)

  62. Review By: jaybutler Feb 16, 2016

    Pontus is awesome. on time and on point. I have worked with him over 5 times now. always smooth business. professional and punctual on delivery time that is expected. Pontus is beyond great at what he does!

  63. Review By: ratishsekhar Jan 22, 2016

    Pontus always amaze... Completed the order very quickly and communicated very well. He understands what needs to be done and performed the task very well. Would definitely order again if I needed pitch correction services... Thank you Pontus - no one can beat your quality.

  64. Review By: ratishsekhar Dec 28, 2015

    Another exceptional job by Pontus. Superior quality, timely delivery, response time and Perfect work as always! Thank you Pontus for taking my vocals to the next level and continuing to work with me for revisions. :-)

  65. Review By: ratishsekhar Dec 8, 2015

    Friendly, responsive, talented and the best vocal correction artist one could ever imagine... Thank you Pontus... :-)

  66. Review By: Barfly Dec 6, 2015

    1st.. I am no singer. I mean it. :-) MrProducer was able to fix my crazy pitch and volume variations quickly and he really is excellent. The vocals now sound like real vocals and not a cat in heat. I am so thankful for his rescue and it's needless to say but I will be sending him more songs.

  67. Review By: Anthropocene Sep 25, 2015

    Did multiple revisions 'til everything was perfect.

  68. Review By: marck Jun 25, 2015

    Excellent job! Really good Easy to work with and super reliable.

  69. Review By: marck Jun 25, 2015

    Excellent job. Get's better all the time!. Will continue to work together!

  70. Review By: jiggapree May 6, 2015

    What can i say i got a awesome turnaround in less than 24 hrs and i love it defo recommend

  71. Review By: lozbo Feb 17, 2015

    Great work - professionally and sensitively done - all in a helpful manner. Would highly recommend and will work with again.

  72. Review By: marck Dec 10, 2014

    Excellent Job! Will be working together on more songs.

  73. Review By: marck Dec 2, 2014

    Thanks for the super job. Will be sending you more material to work on. ;-)

  74. Review By: tinatao Sep 5, 2014

    Ok, I will see it tonight. Thanks a lot. We have many song need to produce. So hoping we can keep in long term relationship.
    Thanks again;)