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Hi! My name is Denny, I'm a mixing and master engineer at Magnet Audio.

Audio is my passion, and I want to put all this passion into your music. I will professionally mix and master your rock or metal song for an affordable price.

My goal is to deliver the best sounding mix and master of your song, so you can put your art out in high quality to the world.

This service INCLUDES:
- wav, mp3 format of the final mix
- instrumental only, vocals only, or any other bounce as requested
- stems (drums, bass, rhythm guitars, lead guitars, main vocals, background vocals and FX)

This service DOES NOT INCLUDE:
- vocal tuning and alignment
- major editing adjustments
- post production

If you want to add some of the services that are not included, contact me and I give you a quote on that.

WARNING: Before we start working, contact me so I can tell you that your project is ready or not to be mixed. So we can save some time from both of us.

I offer a full money-back guarantee. If you get your mix and master and you're not happy even after the revisions I will provide a full refund. I am sure you will not even think about that, I can promise you'll be satisfied with the job.

Feel free to Google Magnet Audio and check out my website if you'd like to know more about me and my services.

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Fight for Myself

New Metal
  • Fight for Myself
  • Meu Caminho
  • Platinum Fangs
  • Te Quero Bem
  • Inimigo Invisível

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