Metal Mixing + Mastering: your tracks will sound fantastic for $299

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Metal Mixing + Mastering: your tracks will sound fantastic for $299

A proper mix is the key to get your song to kick ass! I will do my very best to make your song sound absolutely fantastic!

I'm Emanuel an emerging studio professional and I'm eager to work with you! I minored in music from a small local university and have been part-time in the music biz since 2019. I worked on numerous projects and played gigs in bands as well as a hired gun musician. Recording and Mixing have been my key passion in the last years!

Your Mix!
I will work closely to your sonic vision; I will pay close attention to your references. Mixing for me starts with editing and ends with additional sound design. I will quantize and sample enhance your drum tracks if desired, and I will do minor edits if necessary. I will blend and layer your tracks tastefully and add some FX and sparkle to knock it over the edge!

I work exclusively in the box. My DAW of choice is Cubase, and I have many high-quality plugins from brands like Universal Audio, Waves, Joey Sturgis Tones, Tokyo Dawn Labs just to name a few.

Mastering included!
I will do a Mastering on your Mix, free of charge with your purchase. However, I usually recommend external Mastering from one of my partners to take your track to the next level!

What you get:
- Mastered or Unmastered Mix 24-bit 44.1kHz Wav

Spotify Playlist with Tracks I worked on upon request


A mashup of 6 songs of my most recent projects
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