Mixing and Mastering for $99

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Mixing and Mastering for $99

2 Latin Grammy Nominations.
2 Gardel Winning Albums.

Hello ! My name is Guille Cudmani. I've been mixing and producing for more than 15 years and I really love my job. During this time, I have worked with a lot of major artists in my country including: La Mancha de Rolando, Massacre, Silvina Moreno, Nito Mestre among others.

My studio, Osa Mayor, has an WSDG acoustic design. The recording and mixing system is based on an API the BOX console, an Obsidian Buss Compressor and UAD digital processors, among others. This hybrid mixing setup allows the sense of 3D warm analog sound without losing the flexibility of the digital world. A collection of boutique microphones, preamps and amps completes the toolkit to capture the artist’s vision.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to discuss any aspect of my service .
Thanks for reading and I look forward to work with you soon.

Best Regards !

PD. Check my audios and have a listen!

  • Pop-Rock
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • World
  • Hip Hop


Pop / Cris Rye
  • Lies
  • Give Me Love
  • Hombre Gancho
  • Te Hace Feliz
  • Trucorealidad
  • Una Cancion
  • La Resentida
  • Waiting for my song
  • Budha Sound
  • Churita
  • Blues 76
  • Romance de viento y quena

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