Streaming Ready Mixing for $100

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Streaming Ready Mixing for $100

Maximize your audio's potential with my professional Audio Mixing service! With years of experience and a vast collection of industry-standard plugins, I guarantee to enhance your sound quality and take it to the next level. My expertise in sound engineering and passion for music production ensure that your tracks receive the attention they deserve. Whether you need a subtle touch-up or a full-on overhaul, I will work with you to achieve your desired sound. Let's bring your music to life together!

Let's talk about your project. I would be open to as many tracks as you need. I will include four revisions once the finished product is delivered. I want to work with you and make your art presented as professional and quality as it can on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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Make You by Depth Charger

A production of mine
  • Make You by Depth Charger
  • All My Love - Lauren Wanamaker

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