Professional Mixing and Mastering, unlimited revisions, all genres for $120

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Professional Mixing and Mastering, unlimited revisions, all genres for $120

Top Rated Studio Pro! All 5 star reviews across all genres.
My reviews show that I am 100% committed to making sure your song sounds as good as can be, no matter what style. I will mix your track to your liking, usually taking a reference track or just leave it to me.

I will work endlessly for you, to get your song sounding radio ready. I will take the tracks from your song, bringing new energy and life to the mix, focusing on every aspect of the instrumental and vocals. Pitch correction, auto-tune, EQ and compression, I can add any effect or plugin that is needed to make your track sound incredible. Anything you need I will make sure you are happy with the final mix.

I have been a songwriter and musician for the past 18 years, I mix and master with Logic Pro, using plug-ins from Waves, Native Instruments, Melodyne, Antares, Reverb Machine, Abbey Road Drummer, Abbey Road Studio and more

Software and Gear

Logic Pro
Abbey Road Studio Plugins
Analog dbx 166xs Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Yamaha MG10XU Mixer
Abbey Road Studio Mastering Chain
TC Electronic MASTER X HD-DT Multiband Dynamics Processor
Kramer Master Tape

Melodyne, Antares vocal tuning
Waves plugins - Compressors, EQ, H-Delay, H-Reverb
Software from Native Instruments, Kontakt, Reverbmachine
Macbook Pro connected to Hisense 32 inch HD TV which allows me to run two screens for mixing and editing


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  • Hip Hop
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • EDM
  • Funk
  • Punk


  • Gone
  • Flower Corpse (Alternative Rock)
  • Stay Another Night (pop)
  • With You - I.e (Indie Pop)
  • Saving It Up (rock)
  • After the Trip - Dead Heat (Rap)
  • Red Rainbow (Psychedelic/Funk/Pop)
  • Face The Music - Liam Turner (Soft Rock)
  • The Nights - Lumb3rjack (Avicii Cover)
  • A Good Day Will Come Around (Alternative Rock)
  • In The Rain (Psychedelic/Funk)
  • Back To You - Elise Del Mar (Pop/Electronic)
  • I Wish You Would - Man On The Scene (RnB/Soul)
  • Relax - Zunapalooza (Rock)
  • No Expression
  • Healing - Aonyx (Electronic)
  • IDK - evxns

65 Reviews