Professional Hi-Fi Mix Analog/Digital for $111

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Professional Hi-Fi Mix Analog/Digital for $111

The most important, te connection between the Artist and the Engineer...

Guaranteed results, even if the recording is not of high quality or if it was made in a Home-Studio.

The Analog/Digital Technique that we implement allows us to combine the superior quality of analog sound, and the benefits of the digital world, achieving a surprising and faster results. 1st Class Analog Equipment make the difference!

Any questions or queries, you can ask me freely...

More than 300 songs distributed on Spotify and other Digital Platforms, more than 10 Years mixing Pro Artists! Work %100 Guaranteed

Recently I've been working On-Line with several artists around the world,
Mix songs for Mexico, Chile, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Colombia, Uruguay, Brasil & +

I've been participated as a musician in several projects, but above all I've
been a fundamental part of the sound of many bands in Argentina.

Both at live shows as in a recording studio, I've been summoned to give his imprint and sound characteristic to those who choose it to work, without departing from the essence that each band proposes.

Internationally, had the pleasure of making artists Live Sound during his visit to the country.

Jamaicans like Pat Kelly, The Congos, Susan Cadogan, Cedric Myton, Eugene Grey, Andrew Tosh and Don Carlos. Moonlight Dub Xperience from Costa Rica, Icelandic Mammut, Brinsley Ford (Aswad) and Dennis Bovell (Matumbi), based in England, have also worked with me during his time in Argentina.

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Let's work together! For me, it's all about MUSIC

  • Reggae
  • R&B
  • Latin
  • Techno
  • Hip Hop
  • Soul


Ambient Dub
  • WiseMan Dub - HUMANIDUB
  • Cedric Myton + Massagana
  • Tech Mix - Groover ARG
  • Ruge - Spiritual Reggae Band
  • Dubbing Rastafari
  • Camino Dub

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