1 Song Mixing up to 20 independent tracks/stems for $175

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1 Song Mixing up to 20 independent tracks/stems for $175

I am a professional musician, composer, and also independent producer. I realize my own music productions from composition, arrangements, recording, mixing and mastering. That gives me a special sensibility and a wide perspective on music. For this reason, now I am offering my skills in mixing songs.

I can offer a clean, rounded and balanced mixing with the desired character. My style and knowledge will be best applied to pop music, acoustic music, Latin, flamenco, soft rock and any other genre with a predominance of acoustic sounds. I am in particular very sensitive at mixing acoustic guitars.

I like to highlight the natural sounds of instruments and vocals, in order to achieve a warm, rounded and balanced mixing. Any processing will be subordinated to this main goal. Among others, I tend to apply top-end tube saturation and tape plug-ins for this purpose.

My offering includes.

-Mixing Up to 20 independent tracks.
-Equalization of tracks, overall cleaning and compression when needed.
-Creation of mixing groups to add special characteristics to the desired sound
-Add specific fx (reverb, delay, chorus, overdrive) as per client suggestion.
-Tube and tape plug-ins will be added if needed.

What you will get:
-A final mixing track that will be ready for mastering. (Around -6 to -7db
average output volume).
-A pre-master version of the track as a reference.

Tools summary:
-Logic Pro X
-Plug-gin Alliance Mega Bundle plug-ins collection
-Adam Audio Monitors
-Some other specific plugins from several top-quality companies such as Waves, Softtube, Melda and many others.

  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Latin
  • Folk

Mixing Demo

3 songs different sample songs
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