Nylon acoustic guitar recording and arrangements per song for $70

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Nylon acoustic guitar recording and arrangements per song for $70

I offer nylon acoustic guitar recording services. My style is perfect for all kind of pop, rock or latin music where a nylon acoustic guitar might fit in, whereas if it's for solo sections, rhythmic or special arrangements.
I'm a virtuoso guitar player, able to play complex solo pieces. Fast, clean, accurate on tempo and very expressive when playing the guitar. I can create arrangements, propose ideas or follow the composer concepts as much as possible.

Offering includes:
Up to 3 tracks per songs up to 7 minutes of duration.
Up to 3 changes on arrangements or sections, as per client request.
Deliver a high resolution recording on WAV format or Mp3.
Arrangement can be a creation or a suggestion of client.

>Mic Rode NT1
>Tube analog pre amp Pre Sonus
>TASCAM US 2x2 Sound Card
>Cubase 5 and Waves Bundle for processing
>Godin Electro acoustic guitar (nylon), from Canada
>Concert Flamenco guitar of Rafael Romero from Cadiz, Spain. Warm and sharp sound, just awesome.

2 Reviews

  1. Review By: Michelle Jun 20, 2018

    Very happy to have worked with Gustavo on 3 tracks. He’s a talented guitarist, with good taste, solid and to the point. Would be happy to work with him again.

  2. Review By: Michelle Mar 2, 2018

    Gustavo is the real deal. I'd gone back and forth with another guitarist to no avail, but Gustavo heard my demo and immediately knew what I was going for. Amazing technique and emotion, highly recommended !