Professional Mix & Master of your song for $75

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Professional Mix & Master of your song for $75

FULL MIX & MASTER (includes vocal tuning)


Music should make you FEEL something and sound GREAT. I’ve been in the industry (writing, recording, performing) for over 20 years helping people get their music to feel RIGHT. The way they intended when they wrote it.

Whether you want the sound deep and warm, or aggressive and punchy, or anywhere in between, let’s work together!

In my studio I use only top notch equipment and software to deliver the highest quality sound possible, but of course the sound of the mix really comes down to good choices rather than the gear itself. That’s why I always work closely with the artist to understand what they want from their song, and it’s not right until it’s right!

I can do special pricing if it's a big project - get in touch first if this is the case!

All you need to do is:

Send me individual audio stems of your project, already edited if possible, but let me know if you need help with this.

And I will:

Bring out the character of your song, make it connect with the listener in the same way you’re feeling it, delivering you a high quality mastered WAV & mp3 ready for digital platforms, streaming services, TV and video.


Equipment: Apple M1 running ProTools & Logic Pro, with a full suite of common and boutique software/plugins including: Melodyne, ReVoice Pro, iZotope, Native Instruments, Soundtoys, Waves, Eventide, UVI, AIR, Wavesfactory, Goodhertz, Boz Labs, TAL, Valhalla, oeksound, neural DSP + more…

Look forward to hearing from you!

After Everyone Had Left - SKA/ROCK

  • After Everyone Had Left - SKA/ROCK
  • Bliss - POP/ROCK
  • Freak Show Sideshow - METAL
  • Crashmat - ROCK/EDM
  • I Am Always Hungry - AMBIENT
  • Gosh - ROCK
  • Long Distance - POP/ROCK
  • Low Christmas - POP/ROCK
  • Sanctuary - ROCK/POP
  • Take A Stand - SKA/REGGAE
  • You've Gone Grey - EXPERIMENTAL
  • Waste The Time - INDIE
  • Shubidubop - SKA

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