Pop Punk Specific Pro Quality Mix & Master for $250

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Pop Punk Specific Pro Quality Mix & Master for $250

Get your pop punk songs mixed and mastered by a specialist in pop punk and modern rock.

No Limit on Tracks. I want your song to sound its best and will always work as hard as possible with no holding back.

A Mix Specific To You. I won't just throw your tracks into a template, i will grow your mix from the ground up and do what is best for the material you send me

Song Automation. I will automate your songs to go from start to finish and build. Enhancing drops and making choruses sound big!

What You'll Get:

44.1khz/48khz, 24 bit lossless .WAV files for lossless streaming on all platforms, mastered as close to -8RMS as possible
m4a and mp3 versions
Multi-tracks (upon request)
Mastered and Unmastered versions

Any questions please get in touch!

  • Punk
  • Metal
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock

So Easy

  • So Easy
  • This is Falling with Style
  • Deadweight

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