Mix and Master your song for commerical release CD/Vinyl/Streaming for $120

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Mix and Master your song for commerical release CD/Vinyl/Streaming for $120

I will mix and master your song for streaming, CD & vinyl (on request) I will mix the music with your supplied stem tracks plus any additional instrument tracks I may have added to your song prior to mix request.

I am an Airgigs Top Rated studio British music professional based in Los Angeles USA with fully equipped professional recording studio. recording & touring guitarist for many artists inc Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Tricky (formerly of Massive Attack), The Mission (UK), Gary Numan and more.. plus live and recorded appearances with various artists including Alanis Morissette, P.J. Harvey, Roger Daltrey (The Who), Al Jourgensen of Ministry, Chuck Mosley of Faith No More, Ricky Warwick (Thin Lizzy), Burton C Bell (Fear Factory), MethodMan of Wu-Tang Clan, Paul Ferguson & Paul Raven (Killing Joke), Lol Tolhurst & Porl Thompson of The Cure, Ed Kowalczyk of LIVE, Anthony Keidis & Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers, UK band The Wonder Stuff, also performed with the legendary Stan Lee (Marvel) and recorded guitars on Mr T’s TV show theme tune.. recently put out first solo record under my acronym MGT with Ville Valo of HIM with over 4 Million Youtube views & over 950K Spotify plays to date.

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  • Hard Rock
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  • Pop
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  • Punk

Reboot (Big Paul Ferguson)

Mix and production by Mark Gemini Thwaite
  • Reboot (Big Paul Ferguson)
  • Man Should Surrender (MGT mix)
  • Don't You Want Me (Jyrki69 & Tiffany)
  • 20th Century Boy (Al Jourgensen & BiC)
  • Kiss Of The World by BiC (MGT mix)
  • Are Friends Electric (New Diease mix by MGT)

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