Pop Vocal Tuning Multi-Platinum, Grammy with Melodyne and Autotune for $50

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Pop Vocal Tuning Multi-Platinum, Grammy with Melodyne and Autotune for $50

Hello and Thanks for checking out my listing.
I am a Grammy Award Winning and Multi-Platinum Producer, Engineer and Composer. Please check out the audio and video examples to hear where i can take your music in my Studio.

Previously worked with: Maroon 5, Ziggy Marley, Black Eyed Peas, Jeff Beck, Joss Stone, Wyclef, Kanye West, Macy Gray, N-Dubz, and many more.

It may be a little known fact that almost every radio song these days is tuned in someway. Modern pop music has changed so that even the best singers, are tuned to be absolutely perfect. Even if it does not have that AutoTuned "T-paine" sound then it was probably tuned in Melodyne.

Sometimes its tuned in Melodyne to get the right notes and then Autotuned just to get that effect.

Either way whether you looking for a natural sound or an FX sound, i can help tune your vocals and make them pop. You would be surprised how much louder and better you can make vocals sound in a mix when they are in perfect tune.

$35 rate is for 1 vocal track, under 7 minutes.
If your song has lots of vocal tracks, harmonies, backgrounds, please contact me for a custom quote, i can often do a lot better on the rate especially if Chorus/Hook vocals are flown around.

The SoundCloud and Youtube Reels are full of songs I tuned the vocals on.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions before purchasing.

P.S. A lot of people have asked if I can remove vocals from songs for Karaoke purposes. Sorry but I have had no luck doing that and can't help you.

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