Detailed and Professional Mix for $200

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Detailed and Professional Mix for $200

I'm a producer, engineer, and drummer, from Athens, Ga. I've mixed songs for artists like Lane Marie, Bradley Mckee, Julia Lauren, Sophia Barkhouse, and more. I have experience as a recording engineer in a variety of genres including: pop, rock, indie rock, country, and roots music (blues, funk, jazz).

I pride myself on my ability to hear what a track needs, and make it all that it can be. I primarily mix in the box in Logic Pro X with a variety of plugins. I mix in my acoustically treated home studio (affectionately dubbed Red House Studio) on JBL III MK2 speakers.

I typically mix tracks in 24 bit 48k, but can mix in up to 96k if needed. This price is for songs with up to 100 tracks. I can also tune vocals and edit timing, but that will be an additional price (see my other services).

If you are interested in working with me, send me a message. Mixing is an art, and I like to schedule a video chat with clients before I dive in to get a sense of:

- Influences: What do you want this track to sound like?
- Personality: How do you like to communicate and collaborate?

Thanks for checking out my service!

- Luke

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