I Will Mix Your Next Track for $350

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I Will Mix Your Next Track for $350


My name is Nate Mondschein, and I'm a US-based mixing engineer. With over a decade of professional experience working with Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Folk, and R&B artists across the US like Camille Trust, Ashley Hess, KT Tunstall, Effee, Henry Hall, Matt Scarlett, Wet Leather, Josh The Word, Greg Duffy, Wallace Field, DANAE.and many more to help bring their music to life, I think I would be a perfect fit to work with you on this project!

My goal as a mixing engineer is always to realize the full potential of the work you've already been doing and the sounds you've been hearing in your head. To that end, our first step will be to discuss your hopes and goals for the project, as well as any songs or artists that serve as inspiration.

From there, I'll dive into the track you've provided me, using my professional expertise and the information you've provided me to add the depth and width and polish to the wonderful song you've already created to help prepare it for the world to hear. My studio Echo Base Production is fully equipped with any outboard and in-the-box gear needed to deliver a professional-grade mix of the highest quality.

You can hear a few samples of my mixing work in the audio samples section.

Looking forward to working with you!

  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop

Doesn't Bother Me

by 2Many Cooks
  • Doesn't Bother Me
  • Better
  • Can't Be Around You Anymore
  • Pick Up Your Phone
  • Golden Hour
  • Dance W U
  • The One Thing
  • All Costs

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