Expensive Sounding Mix for $180

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Expensive Sounding Mix for $180

Mixing for bands and recording artists.

Professional and studio mixes. Daydream Catapult, Tom Goss, Klank, Xavier & Ophelia, Lauren Winans, Dave Tough and others. All genres.

You're paying for my ears, my gear, my perspective, and my ability to deliver a great mix. I have spent a lot of time listening to every decade of recorded music.

Full-time audio engineer and musician. My mixing style can be characterized as spotlighting the unique voice of the artist, and to serve the emotional intent of the song. I can deliver that major label sound. You can hear all the musical elements while retaining dynamics and depth.

I have a hybrid studio. I have the ears and the tools to make digital sound warm and thick.

I use Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Genelecs monitors, and I collect plugins such as Slate, Waves, SoundToys, iZotope, DUY, Massey, Celemony Melodyne, Antares AutoTune, Eventide, Kush... I do any necessary audio restoration. I can fix problems and breathe life into the track.


01 - 08 tracks - $175
09 - 16 tracks - $350
17 - 32 tracks - $550
33 - 64 tracks - $700
65 - 128 tracks - $850
129-256 tracks - $1000

*Instrumental songs...Deduct $100 if no vocals


• Manual Pitch and Rhythmic Correction
Expert editing by a professional musician.
• Drum Replacements
• 4 Mix Passes of your choice:
i.e. Vocal Up Pass, Vocal Down Pass, Instrumental Pass, A capella Pass, TV Mix… $20 per additional mix


• Clean / Radio Edit version - $60
• Full Session Stem - $2 Per Stem
• Track replacement from a midi file - $30
• Creating a comp of the best takes - $50
• Extra charges apply for songs over 6 minutes. - $50 per additional minute.
• Track replacement with new performances by live musicians or expert programming can easily be produced. Ask for a quote.


Catapult Daydream
  • Catnip
  • Recent Reflections
  • I'm Not Broken
  • Love Me Like I Can
  • Portland
  • For Tonight
  • Waiting For You
  • Broken Pieces
  • Holes In The Wall
  • Summer Of Fun
  • In For It
  • More Than Temporary
  • Long Way Back Home
  • Nature

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