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Remixes for $300

Remixing for bands and recording artists.

I have done work for Tom Goss, Klank, Xavier & Ophelia, Lauren Winans, Dave Tough and others.

I am a professional musician and arranger, so I can apply those skills in handling very specific requests. Be it genre, sub-genre, mood, instrumentation, hybridization, audience demographics... Whether to retain a similar song form or to make it unrecognizable. Give me detailed instructions or you can choose to set me loose to follow my bliss, seeing where the music leads me.

I am a professional sound engineer. I can deliver that major label sound.

  • House

Penetrate (Marr Zimm Remix)

  • Penetrate (Marr Zimm Remix)
  • Falling (Marr Zimm Radio Remix)
  • Falling (Marr Zimm Club Mix)

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