I Will Mix & Master Your Song for $120

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I Will Mix & Master Your Song for $120

I serve the song.
I have mixed albums that have been on the radio, jingles and songs for film and television including songs that were placed in the movies "Foodfight!" and "The Stream."

My biggest love is music. You need it clean and punchy? I'm your man!
I will mix your song in Protools 12 using Waves Platinum Bundle and Soundtoys bundle, Massey and others.
I learned ProTools from Grammy winning producer/mixer Charles Dye and have recorded and mixed for 33 years in Miami, Nashville, TN and Kalamazoo, MI.

You let me know what kind of sound you're going for and I will get as close as humanly possible. If you don't know exactly what you want, don't worry I am a songwriter and producer and I have a pretty good feel for songs of all genres.

I will mix the song and send you an mp3 For approval .
This includes comping of multiple vocal takes, tuning and some elastic time fixes if necessary, plus up to two revisions.

Final mix in .wav file, uploaded via hightail.

1 - 7 day turnaround depending on workload.

When I'm not in the studio or performing live, I study Uechi Ryu karate, play chess, paint and draw, camp or hike or hang out with my son Wolfgang and our Siberian Huskies!

Bound from the CD

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  • Bound from the CD
  • Let Me In

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