Professionally Mix & Master your song for $75

In Mixing In Audio Editing By Lucas Marques

Professionally Mix & Master your song for $75

I know how hard can be to hire someone over the internet to work on your beloved art. As proof of good will, I can provide a free sample, all I need is your audio files.

Please send me a message with your files before ordering, so I can listen to your song and make sure everything is ready for mixing.

If you have any questions, please send me a message and I'll quickly get back to you!

With my 14+ years of experience and background in audio engineering, I will make your song sound big, exciting, and most importantly, engaging and interesting so people WANT to listen to it.

My philosophy is: “Your music is my music”. That means I will put all my heart and efforts to get the best result possible - no matter if you recorded in a fancy studio or DIY in your home studio!

You can check my portfolio on my gig Audio tab and on the following link:

If this is your first time ordering, please send me a message first so that we can discuss your project and ensure a smooth order process.

The quality of your recordings is REALLY important to the final sound.

Looking forward to work with you!

Order now and feel the magic!

  • Folk
  • Heavy Metal
  • Hip Hop
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • R&B

Rock - On The Mountain

Rock - On The Mountain
  • Rock - On The Mountain
  • Rap - No Real Love
  • Pop - Thinking
  • Folk - Hold On
  • Metal - The Well
  • Rock - The Elephant
  • Rock - Drag Me Down
  • Rock - Flames
  • Rock - Atrophie
  • Rock - Marte
  • Rock - Tonight
  • Rock - Oculpacão
  • Rock - Happiness
  • Rap - Owls
  • Rap - Hammerpants
  • Rap - Delusional
  • Rap - AM Downtown
  • Rap - Carats
  • Rap - Que Vuelta
  • Rap - Fony
  • Folk - Rewind
  • Folk - Marinheiro Só
  • Folk - My Pet Sally
  • Metal - Burning Bridges
  • Metal - Burial Of Silence
  • Metal - The Sucession Of Flesh
  • Pop - Top Of The Cliff
  • Pop - Deaf Ears
  • Pop - Cathedral
  • Pop - Miss you, Max
  • Pop - Hate That You Try

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