Full song production with your vocals for $250

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Lucas Marques

Full song production with your vocals for $250

Please do not order before we have a chat to discuss your ideas and details for your project!


I'm a professional music producer, songwriter and guitarist. I mainly do ghost production in the genres: Rock / Metal / Folk / Indie / Rap / Pop / RnB. I will fully produce, record, mix and master your song and transform your musical idea to a industry-standard musical piece!


- You send me your idea, reference track(s), lyrics and vocals (if you have them).
- I will create the song based on your instructions
- You give me your feedback and I'll work that in
- Bam! You've got that hit song you're looking for!

✔️Commercial use
✔️You own all the rights

You can find some songs I produced on the gig portfolio and on the following link:


And here you can find my mixing and mastering portfolio:


If you have any questions, please send me a message and I'll quickly get back to you!

Looking forward to work with you.

Order now and feel the magic!

  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop


Samples presentation
  • Presentation
  • Pop - Top Of The Cliff
  • Rock - One Eye Open
  • Pop - Tell Me
  • Rock - Marte
  • Rock - Venus
  • Rock - DCNP
  • Rap - Owls
  • Rap - Veils
  • Rap - Icarus (PTSD)
  • Rap - Que Vuelta
  • Folk - Rewind
  • Folk - Princess
  • Pop - Hate That You Try
  • Pop - Miss you, Max
  • Rock - Oculpação
  • Rock - Make Believe
  • Jingle - First Choice Got You Covered
  • Rock - Emotions
  • Pop - Reanudo
  • Folk - Marinheiro Só
  • Indie - Monólogo de Bar
  • Folk - Manual de Una Perdida
  • RnB - Silêncio
  • Trap - No Pedigree

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