- - Limited time discounts - - Mxing and mastering rock song for $75

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- - Limited time discounts - - Mxing and mastering rock song for $75

Hey! I'm Artem, a producer and sound engineer and I want to help you to make an amazing record!

Having started working as a sound engineer over 10 years ago, I combined it with the role of a musician, working with many bands and artists from Europe and the US. So I know both sides of the music production world, and this experience has given me a deeper understanding of how to achieve the best results.

Nowadays, being mainly involved in producing and engineering, I mostly work with heavy music, but for me the song itself is more important than the genre, so I am open for almost any style.

For me, mixing is primarily about working with musicality and emotions. I believe this is what provides the framework to really highlight the potential of a song so that it not only sounds right, but feels right.

In addition to mixing and mastering, I will also be happy to edit and tune your tracks and do drum programming. Please contact me for a price.

Ask for the special deals and discounts.

Contact me by button above, and tell me about your project and how I can help!

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Bordge - Triumphant

I was the mixing engineer in this production
  • Bordge - Triumphant
  • ##### - Вольная сущность
  • Starified - Scapegoat
  • Ермак! - Ехидна

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