Radio Ready Mix and Master of Your Music for $350

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Radio Ready Mix and Master of Your Music for $350

I'll take your recorded tracks and turn them into a slammin', radio ready mix. Then I will master it to be able to compete with radio/iTunes/Spotify etc. I've worked on many major label records including Journey, Little Big Town, David Nail, and Matt Maher to name a few.

There is no limit on the number of tracks per song. I typically do a mix with up to two revisions, but I can be flexible. I also prefer to have you only send me the "keeper" takes to keep things tidy, and it lets me focus on making a killer mix.

I Mix and Master in Pro Tools at my studio called Hot Lava Studio in Nashville.
I use a hybrid style of mixing, meaning, I mix in Pro Tools utilizing many pro quality software plugins, but also mix out of the computer using many outboard analog EQ's, Compressors, Reverbs and Delays. Using this method allows me to be more flexible and efficiently make things sound like a record.

Some of the analog outboard gear includes:
Tube-Tech CL1B
ADL 1000
Summit TLA 100A
Summit EQP-200A
Summit DCL-200
Neve 33609
Neve 1073 x 3
1176 x2
API 550a x2
MEQ 5 eq
Calrec PQ1253 x8

Monitoring setup:
Dangerous Music Monitor ST with DAC-ST
32X Apogee AD-DA Converters
Dynaudio BM6a - Near Field Monitors
Dynaudio BM14s - Subwoofer

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