Song Mixing for $50

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Song Mixing for $50

I mix entirely digitally using Pro Tools and a simple home setup.

I generally take a couple hours to create a rough mix and then slowly tweak it from there, coming back to the mix on multiple occasions if time allows. I am open to any genre, though I have the most experience with alternative, rock, and pop music. Vocal mixing is my focus and my specialty, and I particularly like projects that allow me to use unique vocal effects in rock and pop music. One initial mix and one additional mix with any necessary revisions are included in this package; additional revisions may be negotiated on an individual basis but may incur an additional $25 charge. I will send over a .wav file of the completed mix; the Pro Tools session and/or instrument stems are available upon request.


Please label your tracks clearly and make sure they're edited how you like them beforehand. Any editing I have to do on my end (including track comping, trimming, tuning, etc.) may incur an additional charge.

Also, be aware of the limitations to the services I can offer - I do not have great vocal tuning software or infinite plugins, and I do not do mastering. I have set this price point to accommodate artists on a limited budget, but please be respectful of my time. Because this is not my full-time job, I am able to keep the price low, but I also do not have unlimited time to devote to it.)

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  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Jazz

Skinned Knees

A song by OK Koala, fully tracked and mixed by me.
  • Skinned Knees
  • Now We're Even

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