Get a professional sounding mix for $120

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Get a professional sounding mix for $120

Hi my name is David! I'm a Mix Engineer based out of Los Angeles. I have my setup in my home studio, URI Studios. I do my mixes in the box. Some of my gear include: Focusrite 18i20, Adam T7V monitors, Avantone CLA 10s, Waves, Plugin-Alliance, Slate Digital and more.
Some of the most recent artist I have had the pleasure of mixing for are JordyJ, Tyanna Fahim, Piero Ibanez and Mingo Sanchez y Su Grupo Clav3-4.
With each mix that I do I include three mix revisions (clients are typically happy by third revision).

Pedir Tu Mano

I mixed and mastered this song for an artist from Peru, Piero Ibañez.
  • Pedir Tu Mano

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