Mixing in a Professional Studio for $150

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Bert Howbi

Mixing in a Professional Studio for $150

Full professional multitrack mixdowns conducted by experienced engineer/producer using mastering grade Lynx converters into our Toft ATB analog mixing console and racks of classic studio outboard equipment here at Fremantle Recording Studios.

This service is $150 per song. This includes studio fees, 12 hours of work, 3 revisions ontop. Work is on Mondays AEST time.

I'm really easy-going and stress-free so don't hesitate to contact me. Rest assured that you can feel confident to raise any issue or communicate exactly what you want without worry as my ego is limited to improving and giving you the best service for your money.


Past work:
@Robb White - https://spoti.fi/2KYGCEQ
@Funilingus - https://bit.ly/2KXQmPH
@Tim Ayre -Barcalona - Kitsune - https://spoti.fi/37Fym4r
@Blud - https://bit.ly/33Aa8af
@Daniel Perez
@Em Borrows
@Frank Sita
@Dialectic Art Podcast- https://spoti.fi/2JA36ve
@Jack Crooks

  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop
  • EDM
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Soul

Why Don't You Know - Robb White

Pop Soul
  • Why Don't You Know - Robb White
  • Drugs - Robb White
  • When I'm Not With You - Robb White
  • Esmerelda - Funilingus
  • We Are Wizards - Funlingus
  • Sarah is for Lovers - Blud

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