Mix and Master Your Track - Radio & Digital Stores Ready for $250

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Mix and Master Your Track - Radio & Digital Stores Ready for $250

Hey there! My name is Leroy Sparkz, I’m a professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer from Illinois, USA. Been at it now for 10 years now and I have the experience as well as skill and a very good work ethic (I have a great Turnover time). I'm a creative also, so I can relate with you better and understand the exact kinda sound you’re looking for. I mix not only for the love for of it but because I'm great at this. You want to get that industry standard/vocal popping-mix? I'm definitely your guy!

My Services Include:

Audio editing/cleaning

Pitch Correction

Vocal Tuning

Vocal mixing

Instruments Mixing


Free evaluation of your recording/performance

Wave & Mp3 bounce files.

I'll provide an Industry standard mix and mastering for all genres.

Protools 12.5, Cubase 10.5, Studio One 5.

I use Industry standard Plugins:
Waves Audio, Izotope Ozone 9, Fabfilter, Antares, IK Multimedia, Plugin Alliance Etc.

Nuf been said! Let's make some real good music!

  • Trap
  • Soul
  • R&B
  • Choral
  • Hip Hop

Epic - Born Free (RnB)

  • Epic - Born Free (RnB)
  • Mark - CLM (Pop)
  • Reality (Soul)
  • Pop
  • Magical
  • Circles (Cover)

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