MIX for $100

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MIX for $100

I can send a minute of your song mix then you can decide if you want to continue! Nothing to loose!

After years of experience in a large professional studio, I collected hundreds of tricks to be able to create a big fat sound in the box.
I'm also a musician (guitarist and singer) so I always have an artistic approac to the mix and a musical point of view.

I'm meticolous and I want to spent all time is necessary for best result. Two days for delivery is a bit higher than my competitors but my goal is your satisfaction.

Reference tracks it's important for me! If there is an artist you like, send me some songs. This help me for understand what is your wanted sound.

Mastering: I prefer to mix with a mastering chain for work on what will be the final result, so you will get a free mastered mix!

Your songs will be at the standard level for all digital platforms. (If you have a special request about LUFS or any level you just have to ask!)

I also have a long experience on vocal tuning, drum timing and editing in general, so, if you need some of that services, I can do that for a small additional cost.

If you're not happy with the results a full refund will be made.


A song by Hippie Tendencies

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