Edit, Mix, and Master 1 song for $100

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Edit, Mix, and Master 1 song for $100

Ladies and gentlemen,

Word on the street is that you want some killer tracks. You've come to the right place.

I'm an audio engineer with five years of experience. I went to Butler University from 2010-2014 and earned a degree in Recording Industry Studies. While I was there, I was the lead engineer on a full length album for singer/songwriter, Jenna Epkey. Additionally, I recorded a local band, Tied to Tigers, at Butler's facilities. You can find examples of their work on my SoundCloud. I've also been working with musicians in a variety of other genres on the side. As of April 2015, I have completed 4 internships. My first one involved a film composition internship with Tyler Bates in Los Angeles. The second internship took place in Chicago at ARU, a post production company. During my senior year at Butler, I interned for Aire Born, who primarily worked with orchestral and choral recordings. Lastly, I completed an internship at the Elbo Room in Chicago doing live sound for a multitude of bands. Despite all of these internships, my focus is primarily on music. Currently, I live in Wheaton and have a home studio setup. Take a listen to Blank Page's "After All" on my SoundCloud if you would like to hear something recorded in my home studio.

My credits include artists like Jenna Epkey, Tied to Tigers, Monsoon, Substance, Chin Up, White Leaf, and several others. These artists span in genre from acoustic singer/songwriter to rock to rap. I have both recorded and mixed these musicians.

Whenever I work on a song with an artist it will usually take about 1-2 revisions for both the musician and myself to be completely happy with the mix. While I am happy to do more revisions, I like to be careful that we don't overthink the track.

My gear includes:
Pro Tools 11
Logic Pro X
Late 2014 iMac
KRK Rokit 8s
MOTU 8 Pre Interface
Command 8 Control Surface
Waves Gold Bundle
Assorted Waves and Slate Digital Plug ins
Izotope Ozone 5
ShinyBox 46 MXL
Assortment of SM57s
AKG D112
Advanced Audio CM47FET
and various other microphones

Contact me if you're interested in working with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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