Professional Mix Of Your Song for $200

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Professional Mix Of Your Song for $200

I am a Liverpool, UK based Mix Engineer with over 5 years of experience.

Having the best possible sonic presentation of your song is absolutely key in displaying your artistry to the world. I can make your music the best version of itself. Whether you want a fresh 'ground up' remodelling of your song or just want polish and coherency, I can take your song to the next level!

I have hundreds of the best plugins from Universal Audio, Waves, SoundToys, Plugin Alliance & iZotope.
Some of my gear includes: UA Apollo Twin X, Audeze LCD-XC, Grado SR325, Avantone Mixcube, KRK VXT6s, Avalon U5, Townsend Labs Sphere L22.


• Can you have a listen to my track and tell me what it needs?
Yes, I'll happily have a listen to your track and give you my thoughts on what it needs, whether that's more production, re-arrangement, re-recording.

• What DAW do you use?
Logic Pro X

• I use Logic, can I send you the project file to mix from?
Yes, so long as any software instruments are bounced down to audio and all external audio tracks (samples) are included in the project file/folder. Best to send me the project before ordering so we can make sure any plugins you might have on the session are compatible and working on my end.

• How should I format my files?
Please provide 24bit WAV or AIFF files at the same sample rate your project is at. Also be sure to export all tracks from the same starting point so that they remain synced up after importing into my DAW.

• Can I send you reference tracks?
Yes, I prefer to have up to 3 reference tracks to use. Not necessary to include the files (unless you already have them in a lossless format (wav, aiff or flac).

  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Neo soul
  • Hip Hop
  • Funk
  • Trap

Stephen Emmer feat. Chaka Khan - Under Your Spell [Wilroy Remix]

I produced and mixed this track
  • Stephen Emmer feat. Chaka Khan - Under Your Spell [Wilroy Remix]
  • Jay Alexzander feat. LK - F.W.U
  • Stephen Emmer feat. Dwight Trible - Everybody's Movin' [WilroyRemix]

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