Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer for $500

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Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer for $500

I will take your song to the next level!
I’m a full time mixer, I’ve had the chance to mix more than 600 songs in the last 4 years for many emerging and experienced artists from many parts in the world. A lot of them have become instant radio hits, been featured in movies, TV shows and even commercials.

My goal is to serve the artist and his art, trying to take it to another level. So I always go the extra mile so I can get the best result and surpass their expectations.

I have a dedicated mixing environment, with a Universal Audio Apollo and an additional satellite to run more plugin instances. I also feed my mixes with several other brands of plugins so I can achieve different types of colors and adapt my mixes to different styles. One of the most important pieces in my mixing process is my SSL Fusion, where I can process from individual tracks, such as vocals to the entire mix. All this around my Focal Solo 6Be accompanied by a pair of mixcubes and Beyerdynamic headphones for extra referencing .

Send me your song! It doesn't matter how many tracks you have on your session, the price and the process is the same. However take a few things in mind before submitting: All your tracks must be edited and mixing ready (no vocal tuning included, if needed at an additional cost). Send it without any process such as eq or compression applied, unless it is part of the sound you're crafting. After I give you the first mix, you'll have as many revisions needed, so we can achieve the best possible result for your song, I can guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied!

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Some killer tracks I've mixed in the last year

I Was the mixing engineer in this songs
  • Some killer tracks I've mixed in the last year

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