Undetectable Pitch & Time Correction for $100

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Undetectable Pitch & Time Correction for $100

Have a good take that has just a few bad notes? Maybe your singer is always just shy a few cents on their high or low notes and need a gentle nudge. Maybe your drummer nailed a take except for a few off kick/snare hits.

I can help you out!

Want to add harmonies to fill out a section? Or maybe fix a poorly intonated guitar take?

I can help you out!

This package is situation-specific, but here are some basic ideas of what you'd get if you needed me to do ONE of the following instruments:

• Up to 5 Tracks
• Each added harmony or double counts as a track
• Doubles are modified with subtle pitch, timing, and formant variations to add realism and depth
• Unless you want an auto-tune effect, the tracks will be as clean and undetectable as the take allows
• De-essing and breath removal available upon request
• Doubles of added tracks are free upon request

• Up to 8 tracks
• I will also provide you with a .mid file so you can easily layer samples with the tightened up takes.

• 2 Guitars
• 1 Bass
• One Lead or lead harmony
• Polyphonic material is fine

• Send me a message and we'll talk

Did you know? Hard rock bass is often +/- 15 cents from the intended note.

  • Hard Rock
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Metal
  • Prog rock

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