Audio mix and master for great price for $50

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Audio mix and master for great price for $50

Hello, If you need someone to give your tracks a "new life" and maek it to sound professional please contact me. I am Professional musician/audio engineer with a great experience, live and studio. Among many live shows I would like just to list a few of them... Ian Paice live in Revelin 2015 ( Foh & monitor), Don Airey live in Revelin 2015( Foh), Paco de Lucia live in Dubrovnik 2010 ect... I have great equipment and own studio and I am willing to help,if necessary ,with arrangments and other details of your song.

Allen& Heat mixing table
Midas M32 mixing table with sound card
T.c M one xl reverb processor
Yamaha spx 90 reverb
T.c electronic D-two multi tap delay
Lexicon mx400 xl
BeyerDynamic DT 770 pro earphones
L Acoustic 112P monitor
Bose 802 speakers
D.A.S Dr 108A speakers
Bose S1 pro speakers
Cubase Daw with extra Waves plugin's

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