Vocal Editing Package for $90

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Vocal Editing Package for $90

I am a professional vocal editor specialising in vocal tuning. This bundle offer includes 3 services that will ensure your vocal track will be clean, polished and ready for mixing.

1. Vocal Clean Up - This is the process where I remove or reduce as many clicks/pops/mouth sounds/clipping/noise as possible. This means you won't have any annoying little sounds interfering with your song.

2. Vocal Tuning - Using industry standard pitch correction software (Melodyne), I will tune your vocal track so that it sounds as natural as possible. Depending on your needs, I can target only the areas that need tuning the most, apply light pitch correction across the whole track, or turn your vocals into a perfect and polished performance with every note.

3. Vocal Timing - Being in time with the music is everything! I will make sure your vocals are aligned correctly with the music, while still keeping the natural flow of the melody and lyrics. I can also adjust the timing and length of individual words and phrases using Melodyne software, fixing any areas where the vocal performance is too fast or slow.

This bundle offer is for one lead vocal with a song length maximum of 4 minutes (give or take). Longer songs will incur an additional fee.

I can also offer this bundle offer for backing vocals or doubles etc, at a cheaper rate when multiple vocal layers are required.

My professional background is in audio editing for films and music. I spent 6 years working for world renowned Pinewood Studios on international versions of Disney films and songs, editing vocals in 42 different languages. Therefore I am happy to work on vocals in any language!

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