MIXING - rock, prog rock, blues, metal, alternative, funk, soul, jazz for $50

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MIXING - rock, prog rock, blues, metal, alternative, funk, soul, jazz for $50

“A lot of mix engineers work at developing their own unique sound and that’s cool, but I choose to act as a chameleon of sorts by bringing the collective ideas of the producer, label, and artist to life for each individual project... hopefully the finished product results in a mix that best represents their vision” - Manny Marroquin

This is also my vision of music, my aim is to let your music express as best as possible, obviously I have also my unique sound, but it doesn't mean all songs sound the same.

I'm an Italian producer, engineer, mixer and musician. Besides my job as chemist, I published 3 album my own and I'm currently working with local bands making sure that their music spreads into the world (hereafter on a list of works). I'm also the creator of the youtube channel "TheToneCreator".

I started as musician, at 12, playing keyboards in many local bands, doing lot of gigs, but soon I showed interest in recording music, and I began to write and record songs on my own and then study and practice, study and practice, study and practice...
Actually I have a small studio near Verona, Italy.

Hoping to work with you I move on to technical matter.

Studiologic SL88, Hammond XK3, PSP L'Otary2, EHX Lester K, Access Virus TI2, Yamaha DX7 II, Waldorf Pulse 2, Pianoteq 7, Softube Modular, Drumsynth 500, Alesis Hybrid, The Loom, The Riser and Vacuum Pro, Retrologue.
Cubase 10 Pro, Focurite 8i6, Soundblaster X6, AKG K701, Yamaha HS80, plugins by Waves, Acustica Audio, PSP, Softube, Bluecat Audio.

Worked with:
Escape to Eurybia (Euler's Number), Classical Velvet Piano (Eklusis), Sinking Soul (Sinking Soul), Bornalive, Walter Longscott, Immanuel Philips (Immaculit), James Haynes, MusicianEdge, Jim Lawlor, Mike Sanders, Philippe Pansard,
Alice Bergqvist, Federico Gregorini, Timothy Reid, Mikael Lindh, Bob Campbell, Pete Midipunk, John Henderson, Avi Rosenfeld, Daniel Swain, John Heavern, Jim Lawlor, Svante Lahti, Milo Ippolito, Kim Noble, K.A. Wakeman, Stephen Freeman, Victor Bonato.

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