Mixing & Mastering Services EDM/Pop Music for $225

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Mixing & Mastering Services EDM/Pop Music for $225

Here is an overview of the services I offer, including the number of tracks, revisions, edits, and takes included:

Mixing and Mastering Service Costs:
$225 flat fee for Mixing & Mastering (per track)
$35 a master if it's just mastering and not mixing (per track)

The Process:
- Best reference tracks related to your song.
- Concerns with the current state of your mix
- Turn around times
- 2 revisions

I will mix your tracks using my professional studio setup, taking advantage of the high-quality monitors, digital signal processor, and extra reference monitor.
The number of tracks included in the service will depend on your specific project requirements.
I will utilize various industry-standard plugins from Universal Audio, Fab Filter, Soundtoys, SSL, Waves, and more to achieve the desired mix.
After the initial mix, I will provide a preview of the mixed tracks for your feedback.
A specific number of revisions will be determined based on our agreement and your project needs. Please let me know how many revisions you would like to include.

Once the mixing stage is approved, I will proceed with the mastering process.
I will utilize my expertise and professional plugins to enhance the overall sound, ensuring it meets the industry standards for commercial release.
The mastered tracks will be carefully balanced, optimized, and prepared for various digital streaming platforms as well as club ready.

Please note that the exact details and pricing may vary depending on the specific requirements of your project. Feel free to provide further details, and I will be happy to accommodate your needs.

The gear that I use are as follows:
Monitors: Adam S3A (3-way monitors)
Symetrix Room Controller - Digital Signal Processor: manually configuring monitors to reach a flat curve response in my studio. This eliminates any room discrepancies.
Additional mono Reference Monitor: Avantone
Universal Audio plugins
Fab Filter
the list goes on and on...

Music Labels: Uniting Souls Music Group, Build It Records, No Secrets Records, and many global solo artists.
Chart Success: Mixed and mastered albums and singles that have consistently charted in the top 10 on Beatport website and various other digital streaming platforms

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BELLO - Inure

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  • BELLO - Inure

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