Odd Dog Productions - Professional Mixing and Basic Mastering for $75

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Joshua Gehlhausen

Odd Dog Productions - Professional Mixing and Basic Mastering for $75

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$25 off the regular price of $100 and free test mix, if you're not happy..get your money back.
I understand how important your music is to you... let's get it ready for the world!
15 awesome years in music, 8 in music production, and 4 years completely supporting myself with music...I am confident we can get your tunes there!

My Studio ------

I use Cubase 10, Studio One 4, and Logic Pro,. I enjoy changing things up from time to time, however, I am very comfortable with all three DAWs.

Favorite Plug-ins
I thoroughly enjoy using Slate Digital plugins I absolutely love the analog sound they give in the box. Especially seeing how the real analog equipment would cost more than my car, and I can edit later. I also use Izotope plugins. (for more technical mixing stuff)
I use a couple of Waves plugins such as the SSL and API console emulation stuff sometimes stock EQs for cutting frequencies without giving color and to avoid hogging CPU.

Computer Setup
I have a PC tower (SSD, AMD 2600 3.4 to 4.1 ghz, 16 gbs of DDR4 RAM) that I use to run Cubase 10 and Studio One 4. However I also use a 2019 MacBook Pro often as well where I use Logic Pro X.

I have mixed local bands and my own bands since 2012.

Down Down Down (Ellery)

  • Down Down Down (Ellery)
  • Fentanyl
  • I'm Not Dead Yet
  • City Lights
  • Long Long Way Down

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