High Quality Radio Mixes 2-Track for $200

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High Quality Radio Mixes 2-Track for $200

The artist is always right with me, customer service first. I have been a Mixing engineer for just about 10 years now specializing in urban music such as Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, and Gospel. I have become the #1 top recording studio and engineer in the Philadelphia are according to Thumbtack.com for 3 years straight.

I mix in Cubase as my main DAW. I do have ProTools first for sessions that are sent to me via ProTools but I accept a WAV. file format for mixes. My mixes are all done in-the-box to help achieve your desired sound as quick as possible. By mixes being in the box, I offer unlimited mix revisions and all stem files since recalling projects are very easy.

The investment of a 2-Track mix is $200 and if you would like it mastered it is $230. The investment of a Multi-Track Mix is $320 and if you would like it mastered it is $350,

Whether you have a 2-Track beat or stems, I can mix anything that you have to offer. I can mix any genre but I specialize in Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, and Gospel. I use Wave Plugins, Fabfilter, Valhalla, Izotope, and many others more of the industry standard plugins.

Music is one of the only forms of expression that can enter a mind with no permission and a great instrumental is the key to bringing your song to life!

Thank you for trusting me with your music.

  • Trap
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • Gospel
  • Pop
  • Rap

Wind Blows - B.C. Soul

  • Wind Blows - B.C. Soul
  • In The Mix - Jalen
  • Change - PT
  • Supposed to To - StormA.K.A.Storm
  • Pink Diamonds - Saiph
  • God is Great - Koren Carmichael Turner
  • Look At What God Did - Dimitre Horton

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