Producer & World Class Mix Engineer for $250

In Mixing By David Jacobsen

Producer & World Class Mix Engineer for $250

I am a producer and mix engineer of award winning music artists and music tracks, having had the privilege to produce, record and/or mix numerous international platinum status recording artists, with numerous award nominations, plus music for television, and soundtracks over the past 35 years.

To achieve the best mix outcome, I liaise closely with the artist/band or lead decision makers to arrive at a clear understanding of their vision and that requires preparation time and communication. There are lots of exciting possibilities once we begin to communicate and explore the full potential of what you have created. Rushing a mix is pointless, getting the desired result is the aim, and we all have to live that result for long time!

Genres include country, alternative rock, mainstream pop and rock, metal, acoustic/folk, hip hop, rap, ambient and orchestral. I also specialize in live concert remixes and theatre soundtracks. I have recorded every music genre from country, rock, jazz, metal, big bands, string quartets to orchestras, gospel groups to choirs, so I know the energy and the nature of the original instruments and voices, in both studio and live environments. As a mix engineer I have worked with most major labels, many indie labels and directly with many artists, musicians and some legendary producers.

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