Mix and Master your release in our pro studio for $105

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Mix and Master your release in our pro studio for $105

Hi there,
We are SPS (South Point Sound) and we are a team of professional Sound Engineers and Producers with over 5 years of experience in the music industry.
Many of our works are available on the main streaming platforms and we are currently based in Rome, Italy.
Whatever your genre is, from Urban/Pop to Electronic, Reggaeton or even ambient, we can mix your song (with unlimited stems) and also master it specifically for its aim (streaming, CDs, movies..).
We operate in our acoustically treated studio for the best experience sonically possible, and we have analog gear to warm up your song too!
Price is referred for one song, contact us for bulking discounts

Audio Interface: UA Apollo x16
Monitors: Yamaha HS8, KRK Rockit G4, KRK 8S sub
Daw controller: Avid S1 (16 channels)
Outboard: (ssl XLogic x-rack) , ssl XR621, ssl XR618, ssl XR625, ssl XR627, ssl XR626 G bus comp, ssl XLogic g-series comp
Softwares & plugin: Avid Pro Tools HD, Izotope RX, Ozone (full), Antares Auto-Tune Pro, Melodyne, Sound-toys (full), Waves (full)


  • Ambient
  • Acoustic
  • Melodic Trap
  • Modern Pop
  • Alternative Rock
  • Classic R&B

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