Professional analogue/digital hybrid mixing for $150

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Professional analogue/digital hybrid mixing for $150

"THIS ALBUM SOUNDS MAGNIFICENT!" Sunday Times, UK (Last Harbour - 'Your Heart, It Carries The Sound')

I'm a 20 year professional recording, mixing, mastering engineer and producer. I will bring your project to a professional standard using high quality outboard processing equipment, industry standard top-of-the-range plugins and I can also run your music through reel to reel tape if I think it'll suit the song (it usually does!). I'm a university educated composer, arranger and performer with experience on the farthest creative as well as technical sides of the industry. Rest assured that I bring that breadth of experience, technical know-how and insatiable creativity to every project that passes through my studio.

Now residing in Adelaide, Australia; I've put together a new mixing, mastering and production studio using my experience of building and running several studios in the UK, and it's the best sounding room I've worked in. Mixes and masters translate every time.

Over the course of my career I've worked across a wide range of genres; from folk to heavy rock and classical to pop. I'm hardworking and committed to achieving the best results for all types of musical projects in a friendly, creative and communicative manner. I also enjoy a challenge. Drop me a line to see how I can give your music that professional touch to make it stand out from the crowded modern market (without resorting to just making it horribly loud).

I look forward to starting the conversation about your music today.


File delivery and process:

- I can utilise any audio file type (WAV, AIFF, FLAC) up to 192kHz, 32bit.

- Ideally, just send me all the audio tracks and/or stems bounced out of your project from the same starting point.

- Leave plenty of headroom to avoid clipping. Peaking around -8 to -18dBFS is a good area to aim for.

- I use Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper & Ableton, and I have a vast array of plugins so you could potentially send me your full DAW session file with plugins and all if that makes it easier. Please enquire.

- I do several revisions as standard, although of course I aim to nail it first time.

- I want each and every client to be thrilled with the sound of their music so if you're not completely satisfied I offer a FULL 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Americana

GladEyes - In The End

Recorded, Mixed & Co-Produced
  • GladEyes - In The End
  • Quebec Echo - For Someone Else
  • Gabriel Minnikin - Machine Guest
  • Last Harbour - Your Heart, It Carries The Sound
  • Matt Hill - Stone & Bone
  • Last Harbour - Annabel
  • Adam Cirillo - I'm James Dean
  • GladEyes - Gabriel's Flask
  • Kegelstatt - Jankowski
  • Samson & Delilah - Silently
  • Quebec Echo - Stop The Presses

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