Intro to Music Theory lessons for 1 hour for $40

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Intro to Music Theory lessons for 1 hour for $40

As a 20 year professional in the music industry I am offering one on one Music tutoring to the community. Whether you need advice with recording, arranging, theory, mixing or using specific audio equipment or software, I can help increase your skills in these areas so that your next project is a step closer to a professional standard. I have lecturing experience at UK and Australian universities, so I understand the process of knowledge acquisition and will craft a lesson focussed on giving you the tools you need whether for your own musical projects or when collaborating with others. Lessons can be specific to your own requirements or a more general overview of concepts and skills, this can be determined in consultation with yourself before the lesson.

Music Theory can be a daunting subject to many, but like so many things, once you know the basics you can start to piece together more knowledge as things begin to fall into place. Let me be your guide into the world of music theory, whether it be chordal harmony, melody writing, working with keys, arranging, improvising or many other aspects. If there is something specific that you would like me to cover just let me know beforehand and I can plan a lesson to cover these points, otherwise I'll plan a more general overview and introduction to music theory.



I'm a university educated composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist with experience on the farthest creative and technical sides of the industry. Rest assured that I bring that breadth of experience, technical know-how and insatiable creativity to every project that passes through my studio.

Now residing in Adelaide, Australia; I've put together a new mixing, mastering and production studio using my experience of building and running several studios in the UK, and it's the best sounding room I've worked in. Mixes and masters translate every time.

(*Last Harbour - 'Your Heart, It Carries The Sound'. Little Red Rabbit Records, 2012)

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