Professional Mixing at Competitive Rate for $300

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Professional Mixing at Competitive Rate for $300

Every song is unique, and often, a mix gives a song its identity. A great mix will effectively mirror the way you, the artist, hear your song in your head, so that the listener effortlessly experiences your creative essence – your song as you’ve intended it to sound.

I am a professional mix engineer, as well as a producer. I have spent most of my adult life as a touring musician with independent and and Major label acts (Universal Motown, Atlantic) and have been producing and mixing music for the last 10 years. This gives me the unique ability to approach your songs from the perspective of not only a mix engineer, but as a successful musician, artist, and producer with a refined ear for - simply put - WHAT SOUNDS GOOD. After all, that's what is important, right?

I've mixed many songs for artists on both Major and Independent labels, American Idol contestants, and many independent artists as well. Also, I have mixed jingles for a good amount of well known commercial/retail/food businesses (including most recently, McDonald's).

My mixes include:

-Extreme attention to detail and preserving and bringing to fruition the musical direction you've implemented in your recording. (Please include reference tracks if you would like me to consider the sound of other artist's mixes to influence yours)

-Tasteful EQ decisions to color the track by augmenting pleasant tones and taming unpleasant ones.

-Creating space and definition between each instrument by panning and further EQ’ing groups of instruments.

-Utilizing compression to excite elements of intensity and smooth overbearing sounds within each individual instrument as well as instrument groups.

-Creatively panning, adding reverb, delay, harmonic excitement and other effects to create subtle movement and bring the track to life.

-Vocal tuning, sample/drum replacement, and subtle production additions when/as needed.

-Ensuring appropriate gain staging and balance to allow for the most effective mastering of each track.

I offer a first mix and 3 subsequent revisions. A final mix will usually take me 1-3 days, but depending on my workload, may take up to 14 days (this is rarely the case).

If you’re ready to start hearing your vision and seeing your sound become a reality, get in contact with me and we will bring your sound to life…

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