Your Next Single/EP mixed by a Pro who worked on 13 Grammy Winning Albums for $500

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Your Next Single/EP mixed by a Pro who worked on 13 Grammy Winning Albums for $500

Google my name "Mike Makowski discography" to see my extensive A-list clients I have worked with. 13 Grammys and Counting!(Usher, Amy Winehouse, Maxwell, Kid Cudi, John Legend & the Roots, Kanye, Common, Mariah,LLCoolJ, and many many more) I will mix a majority at my home studio LivinLiveStudios then finish it at Premier Studios NYC if needed. I like to send the client a verse & a hook mixed so i can get a sense of what you are going for then once i get approval of that mix then i will send the rest of the entire song mixed. Turnaround is 7 days for initial verse/hook mix and final mix sent 3 days after getting approval of verse/hook mix. You will receive a main mix, instml, accap ,& TV no Lead Vox mixes in WAV or AIFF format for cd or retail duplication + mp3 versions of those same mix passes for digital formats. (Inquire about MFiTunes & DDPs) Please have your lead vocal & instruments already comped when u send them to me.

Platinum Package-As an incentive on our first song i will do one 2hr tweaking session LIVE via Skype so you can hear & see from your own home studio with a LIVE feed so we can make changes in real time with me so we can get the changes done extremely fast without sending mixes back and forth until the mix is correct.

Believe-Akin B. Strange

I mixed the song & Mastered by Dave Kutch @ The Mastering Palace
  • Believe-Akin B. Strange
  • Endalight-FROM

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