Lead Vocal Tuning With Melodyne for $150

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Lead Vocal Tuning With Melodyne for $150

One Billion career Spotify streams and an 18-year veteran of the Los Angeles music production circuit. Welcome to my Air Gigs! My name is Doug Fenske and I am a multi-platinum, GRAMMY-nominated music engineer and producer. I specialize in Melodyne and Mixing.

They key to understanding vocal production is knowing how to make the singer or rapper sound like the best version of themselves as artists. It all starts with the performance! Great performances and recordings always translate into a better finished product.

GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum engineer (Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, Jordin Sparks) tunes your lead vocal track! Your vocal with be tuned using a unique, sophisticated combination of Melodyne and Auto-Tune in order to minimize artifacts. If maximum artifacts are desired (the famous T-Pain sound), please indicate as such. Commit to the best possible version of your creativity. One free revision is included in pricing.

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