Editing Multi-Tracked Drums: Done by a Drummer for $75

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Editing Multi-Tracked Drums: Done by a Drummer for $75

Editing drums is an incredibly delicate process, not only because of the sheer number of tracks that you're dealing with, but also because it can be difficult to discern the intention of the player while maintaining as much of their natural feel as possible. Being a drummer myself, having spent countless hours editing my own tracks as well as others, I have a trained ear for detecting these rhythms, gridding them, and being mindful of preserving the personality of the drummer at hand. I also take special care to avoid any and all artifacts from the process, whether that's pops and clicks, lost transients, or unnatural sounding fades; NONE will be present.

This service is primarily for locking a player into the grid, but at your request I will cut and fade the bleed out of the tom tracks and optimize the phase relationship between all the tracks. Both of these processes will add an incredible amount of punch and clarity to your tracks that has to be heard to be believed!

Let's get your performances tight and your drums locked in! (I will do discounts for bulk orders as well, let me know how many you need!)

(If you want the drums mixed or performed, please see my other services!)


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