Editing - Full Session for $100

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Editing - Full Session for $100

Editing a performance is an incredibly delicate process, simply because of how difficult it can be to discern the intention of the player while maintaining as much of their natural feel and style as possible.

Being a drummer myself, I have a trained ear for pocket and rhythm that I apply to every instrument in the arrangement. It's an amazing feeling when all the elements are breathing and moving together as one; the track feels like a single entity.

While I'm not a trained singer myself, I am an expert when it comes to tuning and pocketing a vocal performance. I pride myself on being able to get everything moving together and in tune without the obvious sound of automatic pitch correction.

I take very special care to avoid any and all artifacts from the editing process, whether that's pops and clicks, lost transients, tearing, or unnatural sounding fades; NONE will be present.

Let's get your performances tight and your tracks locked in!

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